Mega Projects

From initiatives dedicated to incorporating diverse stakeholder perspectives and strengthening our existing human resources, to upgrading existing sites to be more modern and efficient, Exxaro’s Mega Projects are geared toward ensuring a more productive tomorrow. These investments have several objectives: to grow the coal business, to expand and increase production volumes in a more sustainable way, and to lead the way towards greater sustainability and community development.

Grootegeluk Rapid Load-out Station

Project Overview:

Grootegeluk Rapid Load-out Station

With production at the site expected to commence in 2022, the new GG6 plant will enable an additional 600 tonnes per hour of throughput on the ROM feed, as well as higher, more valuable yields through enhanced operational efficiencies and better beneficiation processes.

The plant will produce a primary A-grade (typical 6000 kcal/kg) export product at approximately 1.7 MTPA. Construction on the project began in 2016 and is expected to be completed in 2022.

The existing Grootegeluk 2 (GG2) plant historically produced power station coal. The project will convert the single-stage beneficiation plant to a new double-phase beneficiation plant, namely Grootegeluk 6 (GG6). Technical alterations at the plant consist of: • A new small coal beneficiation plant (SCP), enabling the processing of fragments of less than 10mm • Improving fines plant beneficiation processes through the use of Reflux Classifier technology • A dewatering plant and ancillaries • Expansion of the current stockyard

A new double-stage, 1700 dense medium separations (DMS) plant will be established to process and prepare the RB1 export coal. The plant will also include a fines beneficiation Reflux Classifier circuit and dewatering section. The existing GG6 stockyard will be upgraded and expanded to accommodate additional product volumes.

The approved project start-up capital requirement, in nominal terms, for the GG6 Expansion Project amounts to R5.3 billion. The spend to date (June 2021) amounts to R 4.7 billion.