Our unwavering focus on zero harm has enabled us to achieve our record LTIFR performance of 0.05. We focus on identifying and managing inherent processes, external risks with a hierarchy of controls, and stakeholder involvement on our journey. We believe that we can achieve zero harm through continuous improvement and proactive measures.

Powering Khetha Ukuphepha

In 2022, Exxaro celebrated five years without a fatality across our mining operations, a remarkable milestone and one that highlights the importance of our continued and collective safety efforts. Safety is an ongoing factor for us as a business, and our commitment to achieve zero harm is embodied in our ‘Khetha Ukuphepha’ (which means ‘Choose safety’) campaign. The campaign was designed to ensure every employee keeps safety and individual responsibility front and centre. It promotes adherence to our strict safety standards and ensures we all return home each day unharmed.

“We believe that zero harm is possible. We cannot sell coal associated with injuries and loss of life. That’s not our business. Four years without any fatalities marks a great milestone for our company and the future of the South African mining industry. The leadership and strategic initiatives to improve safety regulations have ensured that all our employees can work in an environment they can trust, and that they can return home to their loved ones unharmed,” said Dr Joseph Matjila, Group Manager: Safety and Health.

Powering Khetha Ukuphepha

Mining Safety Innovation

Planning early for mine closure is critical to protect the future of the environment and society, and to uplift the surrounding communities. That’s why we prioritise closure planning and mining rehabilitation, ensuring we tick all the boxes before, during, and after the operating life of a mine.

Health and Wellness

We improve quality of life, morale, productivity and safety for our employees and communities through a health and wellness strategy that extends beyond compliance with regulations to the sustainability of our industry. The growth and sustainability of our business depend on healthy and resilient employees and host communities.


Preventive programmes (mandatory awareness campaigns and healthy lifestyle coaching) cover eight dimensions of employee health and wellness.


We improve medical surveillance by extending clinical tests (heart disease and risk-based cancer screening) and DNA analysis from middle management upward.


We improve healthcare management by ensuring all employees with occupational and nonoccupational health risks are included in a disease management programme.