Social Impact

Why we engage

Exxaro operates in eight local municipalities of South Africa and two provinces (Mpumalanga and Limpopo) with closed mines in another three municipalities, (two in KwaZulu-Natal). Stakeholder-related risks and issues among this group of stakeholders relate primarily to Exxaro’s material issues of social unrest and maintaining our social license to operate. Through our ongoing engagements, we strive to ensure that community unrest does not lead to production delays and stoppages, injury to employees and community members, that issues are resolved proactively before they escalate to community unrest, that Exxaro’s success stories on community development are shared widely, that we create local job opportunities and that we deliver community development initiatives, shared value and benefit from mining activities.

Cennergi operates in two local municipalities in the Eastern Cape province (Raymond Mhlaba and Koukamma). Community engagements are primarily around activities aimed at improving the wellbeing and living conditions of host communities.

How we engage

Engagement platforms addressing community issues internally and externally. Internally, the future forum monitors implementation of SLPs. Externally, forums with municipalities and traditional authorities address socio-economic conditions at local, district and provincial level for greater impact.

Quality of relationship and measurement instrument Hot Topics

  • Employment and procurement opportunities at Exxaro as well as skills development that enables access to employment or procurement opportunities continue to be key concerns of our community stakeholders, given that the COVID-19 pandemic has only compounded unemployment and poverty: In Limpopo, the GG6 project and in Mpumalanga the Matla mine projects are opportunities for employments and procurement for local community members that are being harnessed
  • Community representation
  • Taxi association expectations for employee transport business opportunities

Quality of the relationship: 2/3 Basis of rating: 2018 reputation survey, self-assessment and business perception assessment conducted by social facilitators at Belfast and Matla

  • 90% of surveyed businesses in Emakhazeni believe that Exxaro is having a positive impact on businesses operating in the municipality; though there were also perceptions that available procurement opportunities were monopolised by a limited number of “connected” local companies
  • Just over half of surveyed businesses reported that economic activity had increased in the municipality since Exxaro started its operations; 46% reported that the level of economic activity remained the same
  • 78% of businesses reported that their revenues had “stayed roughly the same” since Exxaro started operating in the municipality; only 20% reported an increase in revenues

How we responded

  • When lockdown regulations eased, community groups demanded that the BUs prioritise skills development, employment and business opportunities. We continue to pursue local consideration in skills development, employment and subcontracting however effective responses are complicated by low literacy and skills levels and often individual health issues, resulting in failure of entrance tests
  • Our investment in providing free community wifi to the Siyathuthuka township in Belfast, Mpumalanga, ensured the seamless flow of information about the pandemic. The community wifi project will be extended to our other locations
  • Engagement on these and other issues is also challenged by inconsistent community representation, unproductive engagement and participation in community forums, violent community engagement events, community demands led by individual agendas and community representatives unwilling to adhere to sound governance processes. Misalignment and tension between factions within local government and between local government structures and community members exacerbating service delivery challenges, introduces further complexity to the local stakeholder landscape and additional challenges for the implementation of socio-economic development initiatives
  • Local taxi associations are key stakeholders in Exxaro’s BUs as employees and contractors rely on them for transport. However, exorbitant rates are a challenge and an issue that is being addressed at several BUs
  • Working with stakeholders such as government, the Minerals Council, World Vision and other social partners, Exxaro developed a post-lockdown response plan to address the needs of communities. Our past efforts at community engagement and development provided a platform for an effective response to the COVID-19 challenge within our host communities
  • Engagements led by the NBI and its technical assistance, mentorship and development programme as well as the COFTA on the Lephalale municipal capacity-building programme were not successful, however we were able to align support for the district development model with the Waterberg municipality as custodian.
  • We are exploring a pilot project with the MISA for assistance with the delivery of our SLP projects in a more targeted manner
  • Exxaro’s ESD programme is achieving its objectives of legislative compliance, supplier diversity and social impact. During South Africa’s first COVID-19 lockdown, our - ESD team engaged early and frequently with beneficiaries to ensure they survived the crisis. We surveyed our ESD programme beneficiaries at the beginning of lockdown and found that 55% would incur operational reductions, 35% would stop operations and 10% would remain unchanged. Consequently, Exxaro prioritised existing ESD beneficiaries for support through interest-free loan repayment holidays and information webinars. We are also developing non-financial support programmes for our ESD beneficiaries, including a technical mentorship programme for first-time contractors in core mining services and a financial excellence programme.
  • In a new initiative aimed at supporting government’s district development model, Exxaro has completed registration of a non-profit company (NPC) known as the Matla Setshabeng community benefit scheme. It will enable regional development and partnerships with industry peers and government. The NPC has received a total of about R60 million in dividends from Exxaro. We have shared details of the scheme with key stakeholders, including the Mpumalanga and Limpopo provincial governments, the Minerals Council, the Limpopo Impact Catalyst, and the DMRE with positive outcomes
  • We regret the loss of life of a community member, during a community unrest incident in Limpopo
  • In 2016, Cennergi established the Amakhala Emoyeni Community Fund Trust (AECFT) and Tsitsikamma Wind Farm Trust (TWFT) to manage socio-economic and ESD donations and investments. Focus areas are education and skills development, enterprise development, infrastructure development and housing and health. Engagements and project activities across all these focus areas in both municipalities continued throughout 2020.


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